What I Wish I Knew at 22

Tweetable Moments

Amy, Jeannette, Lauren and Suzanne kicked off each topic by sharing their tweet-sized words of wisdom. Check out their soundbites on careers, health and happiness, and love and relationships in the videos below!

On Careers

  • Try it at least once and do what you love because otherwise it’s not worth it -Jeannette
  • Show up and volunteer, and follow up and follow through -Lauren
  • Most career paths are crooked the job you want probably doesn’t exist today -Suzanne
  • Learn, earn, and return, in that order. Your first priority after graduation should be to make money -Amy

On Health and Happiness

  • Laugh often, happiness comes from within, take care of you -Jeannette
  • You’re given one life, it’s yours to use, enjoy every day as if it is your last -Lauren
  • If you’re not happy, change yourself first. What we experience is a reaction to us -Suzanne
  • Have the courage to live a life true to yourself and not what others expect from you -Amy

On Love and Relationships

  • Treat others how you want to be treated -Jeannette
  • Follow your heart but listen to your mind -Lauren
  • You’ll never know who the love of your life was until you take your last breath. Keep at it -Suzanne
  • When you repeat a mistake, it’s not a mistake anymore it’s a decision -Amy